Practice Areas

Family Law
Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Child Support, Parenting Time, & High Asset Dissolutions.  All of these are sensitive areas and you can count on our staff to handle your case.  

Civil Litigation
Whether it is a complex commercial litigation, a real estate dispute, or something simpler, when it is time to take your case in front of the
Judge, we are here for you.  

Your business is your life.  Our office can help you form your business and handle your business's legal issues that may arise from complex to those that just require a phone call.  

Wills and Estates
Planning your affairs how you want, not how the state thinks they should be  handled.  

As an attorney for the Department of Child Services and now in private practice, Mr. Young, has handled many adoptions and can handle yours in an efficient manner.   

Criminal Cases
We are here to help you navigate the system when your freedom is at stake.  And if you need an expungement to clear your record call our office and we can gauge whether it is appropriate for you.  We can also help you restore your driver's license with a specialized driving privileges.